Imginn Instagram: Search and Download Photo, Video, Story & Avatar

Today’s discussion about Imginn. If you are a regular Instagram user, you have probably come across many videos, photos, and stories you wish you could show your friend who wasn’t on Instagram.

Sometimes, it is not even about showing that friend who is not on Instagram; sometimes, you just want to save a video, so you can view it later. How about say you aren’t on Instagram, but your friend has just told you about a video or story that is so cool that you would like to see it for yourself? However, there is a problem.

We cannot save photos, videos, and stories on Instagram. We can’t view stories without having an account on Instagram, either. These questions are where third-party apps come to play. Who says there isn’t a solution to every problem, right?

Third-party apps like Imginn are helping millions of users worldwide download and view their favorite celebrity stories anonymously.

The apps do these without requiring them to have an account on Instagram or the App. In this article, we will review one of such apps. The Imginn platform. We will also discuss how to use it, its benefits, and its limitations.

What is Imginn?

Imginn is one of the leading free Instagram story downloaders on the web.

The App is a front-end website or online tool that lets you download Instagram stories and view them anonymously. Not just stories, the web platform also lets you view videos, Photos, and user avatars of different accounts on Instagram.

With Imginn at your fingertip, you can wave goodbye to watching that funny story once and then spend the next few days wishing you could watch it again.

Now you can save and anonymously view different stories on different accounts on Instagram.

How to download photos from Imginn

The downloading platform is quite straightforward to use. However, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the App or website to download photos and stories.

First of all, you need an online device, then follow the following steps.

Step 1: Browser

Open your browser on your laptop or desktop. It could be Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser you favor.

Step 2: Type in the link

Type in the URL: It would take you to the website or webpage.

Step 3: Search for user

On the top right corner of the webpage, there is a “search user” icon box, type in the user of the account you want to view. An example is @snoopdogg.

Step 4: Select the intended user/account

You would see a list of accounts that match or closely match what you are looking for. Pick the one option that matches your search query.

The website then directs you to their Instagram account, showing their post, stories, and tags.

Step 5: Search for Photo

Search for desired Photo, video, or story; when you find the one, click on it to view it.

If the account has pictures or stories on Instagram, they would all appear.

Step 6: Download

Click on the photo you wish to down; there is a download link at the bottom of the Photo.

Click on the link to download.

Step 7: Save the Photo

Save the Photo with a preferred title.

View the Photo on your device.

How to remove an Instagram account from Imginn

If you don’t wish to have your account viewed through this platform, you can easily remove your account from Imginn.

Here is how to go about it.

Step 1: Browser

Open your browser on your laptop. It could be Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser you favor.

Step 2: Type in the link

Type in the URL: It will take you to the website or webpage.

Step 3: Click on Remove Icon

A “remove account “icon is at the bottom of the Imginn com home page.

You will find it just beside the “about us” link.

Step 4: Enter the URL and email of the account

On the request page, you will be prompted to enter the URL and email of the Instagram account you wish to remove.

To get your Instagram account URL link, go to your Instagram page, click on profile, copy the link from your browser, and paste on the request page on Imginn.

Step 5: Submit a request

When you are done filling out the required information, click on submit.

This would process your request immediately, removing your account from being viewed through Imginn.

Who should use Imginn?

Anyone with the internet can use the platform.

Have you ever watched an Instagram story and then wished you could save it so you could watch it later or make reference to it?

Maybe it’s food, fashion, funny stories, or job posts. You just wished there was a way you could save it and then view it again later.

How about those of you on a friend or partner’s account but don’t want them knowing you are there?

With Imginn, anyone can now anonymously view an account activity or save photos, media, and stories they find so interesting.

Best Imginn alternative sites for Instagram story view & download

Other third-party alternative websites or platforms like Imginn could help you download and view stories.

One caveat though, not all of them have the same features as Imginn, nor are they as straight forward.

Here are some of them:

Glassgram: The platform has some pretty cool features. Unlike Imginn, it allows you to view private accounts, view your direct messages, and other cool features.

Where Imginn is free for all users, glassgram is not free.

There is a free version, but it comes with limited features.

Instasave: Another great platform for downloading Instagram videos.

This website only allows you to download videos, stories, IGtv, and photos from Instagram.

Unlike Imginn com, where you use the user name to find an account, with instasave, you use the URL of the video, story, or IGtv you want to download.

StoriesIG: The platform is similar to Imginn.

It works just the same way, allowing you to download and view stories, photos, and videos on Instagram.

The major difference is in the background of both platforms. Stories have a lot of ads while the Imginn right now has very little.

Snapinsta: Although the platform, like others, views and downloads content off Instagram, they boast of higher quality content than most.

Like Imginn, it allows you to view stories, photos, and videos. However, it goes two steps further and allows you to view reels and IGtv.

SaveIG: This is also a downloading platform for Instagram videos, photos, videos, and IGtv.

Like Instasave, it uses URL to find desired videos on Instagram.

And see more similar sites like Imginn;

  49. Glassgram
  50. Snapinsta

Limitations of Imginn

The Imginn is straightforward to use. However, it could do with a lot more features. For example, the platform doesn’t allow you to view IGtv.

Other limitations are:

  • Doesn’t have an app.
  • Doesn’t allow you to view private accounts.
  • The picture quality is not as good.
  • Doesn’t allow you to view reels.

Is Imginn safe to use

The website doesn’t require any personal details or login information of its user.

Because it is absolutely free, users can download and view it anonymously as much as they want without fear of the platform collecting user data.


Imginn offers many features for a free platform and is one of the best Instagram content downloading websites out there.

Users who don’t want to pay for downloading content on Instagram would be better served with this platform.

The free nature of the platform, coupled with its very little advertising, makes it the best choice for users. Especially those who wish to view it anonymously.