Gramhir: How to Use It for Instagram Viewer and Analyzer?

Instagram has come a long way from where it started. A decade ago, in 2010, it only had 1 million users; now, it has 1.44 billion users. Who knows how many users it will have in 2025 or 2030? In short, Instagram has become a dominant figure in the social media industry. It will most probably stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Its increasing popularity has made Instagram a valuable source of publicity in the eyes of celebrities and companies. A well-made Instagram profile could give you or your brand massive fame and influence.

So, where to find a guide on making a great Insta-profile? Sorry to disappoint you, but no such manual exists right now. The only way you improve your profile is to analyze top Instagram profiles and learn from them.

How to analyze an Insta-account? There is an easy way and a hard way. The hard way is to visit your targeted profile and analyze all its content manually; it could take hours. The easy way is to use a third-party analyzer tool and get the statistics you need in minutes.

If you prefer the easy way, stick around as we will discuss a third-party Instagram analyzer called Gramhir.


Gramhir, in its essence, is an Instagram analyzer and browser. It allows you to easily view and analyze any public Instagram profile, trends, and hashtags.


  1. Statics

Gramhir calculates and delivers accurate and up-to-date statistics for any targeted account.

  1. Average likes per post.
  2. Average comments per post.
  3. The average time between posts.
  4. Photos and videos ration.
  5. Account rate.

It saves hours of precious time you would otherwise spend manually calculating these statics.

  1. Popular profiles

It gives you a list of the current most popular Instagram profiles and their statics.

  1. Popular Hashtags

It gives you a list of the most popular Hashtags on Instagram today.

  1. Browsing Instagram

Gramhir allows you to browse all public stories, photos, and videos on public accounts.

  1. Downloading

You can download any photo, video, or story with no hassle.

Why use Gramhir?

Following are some popular reasons why people use Gramhir.

  1. Analyzing your account

To make your Insta-account successful, you must give it proper attention. The least you can do is check it every day to ensure everything is alright. Gramhir makes it very easy; with its instant, accurate, and up-to-date statics, you will know everything you need to know at a glance.

You can use these statics to determine whether a particular post was good or bad for your account. This information allows you to increase the number of good posts and reduce or eliminate bad content.

It also allows you to predict how many likes, comments, and followers a particular post will get. So, you can focus more on posts that bring more value to your account, thus elevating your Insta-profile to a new level.

  1. Browse anonymously

As you probably know, Instagram is a very exclusive website. You are required to have an Instagram account to view any content posted on Instagram. Instagram won’t allow you to move past the login and registration page if you don’t have an account.

You can bypass this barrier by changing the URL to{profile-name}. But even this method can only allow you to browse a few photos before Instagram prompts you to log in or register.

If you want to browse all Instagram content anonymously, use Gramhir. It allows you to browse any public profile; you can watch all public stories, photos, and videos. Read also about simple tips to enable TikTok questionnaire on any account.

  1. Download anonymously

You should use Gramhir if you want to download content from a public profile anonymously. It lets you download anything you see on Instagram with a single click. You could download an entire Insta-profile without anyone knowing.

How to open an Instagram profile through Gramhir?

It’s very easy; just follow the following steps.

  1. Open your browser and go to You will see a search bar at the top. It allows you to find your desired profiles.
  2. If you know the exact name of your target profile, write it in the search bar and click enter. You will get your target Instagram profile if it exists.
  3. If you don’t know the exact profile name, write a similar keyword in the search bar and search. You will get a list of profiles according to your search keyword.
  4. Browse the listed profiles and find the one you want. Then click it, and that profile will open on a dedicated page.

How to download content from Gramhir?

To download photos, videos or stories, follow the following steps.

  1. Open a profile in Gramhir. Select a story, video, or image and click it.
  2. That story, video, or image will open on a new page. You will see a download button right below your selected content; click it.
  3. Your selected video, image, or story will start downloading.

Is it safe?

We didn’t find any negative reviews about it. Or any reports regarding viruses and information leaks. Gramhir doesn’t need your Instagram credentials, financial information, or personal information. So, information leaks and scamming can’t happen here.

As for malware, it could theoretically happen when downloading media from an Instagram profile. But we didn’t find any reviews or reports about viruses. So, we can safely conclude that they should be rare, if not nonexistent. Know also about Appmuck: Is It Safe?

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  31. izoomYou


What is the account rate in statistics?

The Account rate on Gramhir is the overall popularity of an Instagram account. It is calculated by considering all aspects of an Instagram profile. You can get an accurate measure of your account’s performance through account rate. It is shown in percentage.

Is Gramhir free?

Yes, Gramhir is a free Instagram analyzer, browser, and downloader.

What is Gramho?

Gramho is the previous name of Gramhir, and it was accessible at

Can Gramhir analyze any Instagram profile?

No, it can’t analyze private profiles. But as far as public profiles are concerned, it can analyze any of them you specify.


Gramhir is a fast, accurate, and safe way to analyze and browse Instagram profiles. You should check it out, as it’s completely free. It will definitely be worth your while.

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