Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence: Who will Build the Future?

There is a lot of skepticism about robots replacing humans these days and you must have heard about it too. Artificial intelligence is created by human intelligence and so the first assumption would be that humans are smarter. However, isn’t it hard to agree with this statement given how robots easily do what we struggle at? The math that would take you a few minutes is something that a robot can complete within a second with 100% accuracy. This is why many people say ‘I am not a robot’ to excuse their human errors as they are bound to happen.

In fact, even the experts who provide online course help take help take help from digital tools to check the spelling, grammar, and plagiarism or for rephrasing. It seems like we can do anything without using machines and artificial intelligence these days. So it’s pretty normal to wonder if our future depends on artificial intelligence or our own. Let’s find out!

Applying What We Learn

When it comes to learning and applying that knowledge, it is pretty obvious that artificial intelligence takes the cake, beating every human being in existence. Even though humans are the smartest creatures (at least most of them), they have their limits. We take time to learn things, unlike machines that take seconds. Even someone with the highest levels of IQ wouldn’t be able to match the speed of a common machine.

Learning is one thing, but applying that knowledge also matters, and here is how the comparison goes. The capacity of machines is way beyond ours because they learn fast and apply that knowledge perfectly and without any mistakes. Once you program a machine to do something, it will carry out the task with 100% precision for the rest of its life. However, humans still tend to forget the things they learn and push them to the back of their minds. Moreover, we also make mistakes in carrying out the tasks we have learned. You can also read more about how do you create a brand Instagram portfolio.

Making Mistakes

Another comparison where the winner is obviously artificial intelligence because of several reasons. Unless we, computers don’t have trouble focusing on the task and never make silly mistakes. Machines simply do what they are programmed to do but humans often end up drifting away from what they have been taught. It is rare for a machine to make more mistakes than humans while the opposite scenario happens way too often.

However, machines are not completely ideal either and artificial intelligence has made some epic mistakes too. Machines are doing everything for us these days and driving is no exception. So you would think a self-driving car would be perfect compared to humans. Think again!  A woman got killed because a self-driving Uber as it rammed into her, giving her deadly injuries. In another case, a supercomputer that was designed to give diagnosis ended up suggesting unsafe treatments to cancer patients. Finally, facial recognition tools are controversial for being less accurate for darker skin tones as well as mistakenly pairing two photos or failing to match photos of the same person.


The literal definition of efficiency is to get the job done or get the outcomes while using the least time, energy, or any other input. Again, the winner is pretty obvious because we tend to take longer routes and take more time to get things done. Humans are not known to be the most efficient and hence we have robots for help.

Since machines are mainly designed for efficiency, and to make our everyday lives easier, artificial intelligence beats our intelligence. The efficiency of machines is the reason why many people are concerned with losing their job to machines. Although there is much debate around this topic there is no denying that machines have replaced much of the human labor in the working sector.


Machines may be better than us in many areas but artificial intelligence can simply never compete in terms of creativity. There are also several studies that prove that artificial intelligence is not as good as humans in the creativity area. Well, this makes sense because even though machines are better than us in many areas, it is us who created them and not the opposite.

When it comes to boring, repetitive, and tedious tasks, machines are no doubt better at them because they don’t feel bored or tired. However, when it comes to tasks that require creativity, they are better left for us imperfect yet creative beings. So if you work in the marketing or arts industry, you’re safe from those pesky job-stealing robots!

Taking Decisions

It’s amazing what technology can do but some things are better left for the good old humans and one of those things is taking decisions. When taking decisions, you have to make use of all the information you have learned over the years that is relevant to your given scenarios. The best decisions are based on careful calculations which are more complicated than your ordinary math problems.

This is one of the reasons why people are against artificial intelligence taking leading positions and roles because their decision-making has a long way to go. For example, while driving a car, we rely on not only what we have experienced in driving school but also all of our experiences on the road. We have the ability to combine multiple instances to come up with solutions for a given scenario. However, AI is more dependent on whatever it has been fed by humans and has a more direct approach to taking decisions. In this way, AI can take simple decisions better than complex ones.

The Final Verdict

Even though technology has rapidly taken over our basic life functions, it still has a long way to go. Artificial intelligence is still pretty new and does not compare with humans when it comes to a few crucial aspects such as creativity, decision making, and self-awareness. However, this does not necessarily mean that computers will forever remain deprived of these abilities. It’s just that there is time till we are able to design such computers and even then, there is no guarantee that they would surpass us.

In simple words, you don’t have to build a secret bunker and stock food items to prepare for artificial intelligence to take over the world! In the end, it is still us who create, and therefore, the future still remains in the hands of human beings. We hope this blog was able to answer this crucial question for you. Apart from helping students learn about new, interesting concepts, we also offer the best assignment help to help you reach your goals. So, if you have a bunch of impossible academic tasks sitting at your study desk, let us know and we’ll take care of it!