Appmuck: Is It Safe? App Muck APK Download for iOS and Android

Appmuck review: More than 80 percent of the total population in the world use smartphones. With the popularity of smartphones, apps are also increasing in number. Because a smartphone without apps is the same as useless as a computer without software, apps are essential for a smartphone to realize its full functionality.

Most apps are incredibly specialized and only perform a single task. So, there are several specialized apps out there for any task imaginable. For example, social media apps, Game apps, Entertainment apps, News apps, Health apps, etc.

All apps can be roughly divided into two main types: Free and premium. As the name suggests, free apps are free; you can use them any time without paying a penny. Premium apps, on the other hand, require payment before use.

They can have all or most of their features sealed, and you can only use these features after you pay the required amount. Premium apps are significantly higher than free apps in terms of quality, speed, efficiency, and features. So, most of us would prefer premium apps over free apps because everyone chooses the best among the options they have available. 

But the problem is that premium apps cost money at regular intervals (Monthly/Yearly). A single premium app doesn’t cost much, usually lower than $5 per month, and very rarely more than $10 per month. But the average number of apps on a smartphone is about 40, and very few can afford to pay for that many premium apps every month. So, most people just use free apps as they can’t afford the extra burden on their monthly budget.

This is an excellent solution to the problem as most of the premium apps have their free alternatives, although they are lower in quality. But another popular solution to this problem is using mod apps. Mod apps are modified versions of premium apps. They are becoming a popular alternative to premium apps. 

In this article, we will discuss Appmuck.coma website that provides mod apps free of charge.

What is Appmuck?

Appmuck is one of the most popular suppliers of modified apps with hundreds of mod apps you can download for free. Although 100+ apps may not seem like much at a glance, keep in mind that it’s 100+ mod apps we are talking about. Not every mobile app is eligible for modification. Only the best premium apps with immense popularity qualify for a modification.

Having 100+ mod apps is quite an achievement, as modifying an app is not easy; only experts in the field can do it. App Muck has hundreds of top-quality premium apps modified to be free, and you can download them free of charge with no strings attached.

Appmuck. com is growing its library by adding new, popular apps regularly. Its team of experts frequently uploads updated versions of existing mod apps. As we know, apps are updated frequently, with new versions popping up from time to time. Whenever the original app has a new version, Appmuck experts modify it and upload it on the website to be available for free.

A few games on appmuck

  1. Twitch++ (mod): It is modified to remove ads so that you can enjoy ad-free live streams.
  2. Botworld Mod: This game was modified to have unlimited resources, so your resources will never run out while playing.
  3. Lulubox: It is an alternative to the popular cheat engine, and you can use it to hack games. It’s suitable for Android and iOS apps; you can download it for free.
  4. Hashiriya Drifter: It is a top-rated racing game; its modified version has unlimited gems.
  5. Angry Birds 2 Hack: It is a very popular game with more than 200 million users. On Appmuck, you can find its modified version with extra lives and unlimited money.
  6. 8 Ball Pool Mod: It is a popular online game with over 70 million active users. You can find and download its modified version with unlimited coins here.
  7. Tinder Gold (Free): Tinder is a dating platform with over 75 million users. Tinder Gold, on the other hand, is their premium service that allows you features like unlimited likes and five super likes every day. It allows you to see who likes you in simple steps. Tinder Gold as a premium service costs $4.99 a month; at App Muck, you get a modified version of it that provides premium features for free.
  8. Free Disney Plus: Disney plus is a streaming app with thousands of movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star wars. Normally it costs $8 a month, but you can download a free version here, which doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee.
  9. Vinkle premium (Free): Vinkle is an app used by public influencers to make music videos. Its subscription is on a weekly basis, and the amount varies according to the selected plan. You can download its mod version that provides all its functionalities for free.
  10. VideoLeap Pro (Free): Videoleap is a video editing app that allows you to create content like video stories, educational videos, and promotional videos. While it has a free version, its pro version costs a total of $35 per year. At Appmuck, you can download a free version of Videoleap to enjoy.   

User Interface of Appmuck

The user interface of Appmuck is very simple and elegant.

  1. First, there is the website logo and name at the top.
  2. Then there is a search box right after; you can use it to search your favourite mode apps.
  3. After that, there is a list of all 100+ mod apps available on the website.

How to download apps from Appmuck?

Appmuck provides a very easy way to download mod apps. You can do so through the following steps:

  1. Open your favourite browser on your smartphone, and go to
  2. When you are on the website, write the name of the app you want to find in the search bar. If that app is available, you will find it in search results on the same page.
  3. Once you find your target app, click on it.
  4. You will get a download option in a popup, click the download button, and your download will start.

Is Appmuck safe?

The answer to this question is a No! Appmuck is not 100% safe. While it gives us a lot of convenience by providing a lot of much-needed mod apps, it is not without its problems. Following are some of the issues related to App Muck.

  1. The website owner stays anonymous; it could be because of legitimate reasons (e.g. to avoid spamming). But not knowing who runs Appmuck lowers our trust in the website. After all, you can’t trust someone you don’t know, they may be honest and trustworthy people, but we don’t know that for sure.
  2. The website is relatively young; Its domain was registered just last year. Being young is a negative point when it comes to trustworthiness. But at least this website has been operating for a year with little to no complaints from users, so it has some degree of trustworthiness.

There is a high degree of surety that this website is not a scam because it doesn’t require account registration. Nor does it want your credit card information, so it can’t scam your money directly. 

Now, if it was any other website, we could say that website is relatively safe, but the problem is that App Muck provides mod apps. What’s the problem with mod apps, you may ask? If you know or trust the person who modified the app you use, then it’s quite safe.

But if you don’t know the person who does the modification, then it can be a problem.In the modification process, third-party experts change some of the app code to make it more appealing to you. But we don’t know if they only changed the part we want. They can install backdoors in the app to hack your device afterward. They can also change some bits in the code so that all your activity is automatically sent to them.

Now we are not saying it would definitely happen to you if you download apps from Appmuck, but we can’t guarantee it wouldn’t. This is the case for mod apps, no matter where you get them from. Alongside the convenience they provide us, they also bring some risks.

Is Appmuck legal?

The website provides mod apps, but there are some doubts about its legality. Making mod apps essentially brings losses to the original app, and it also violates copyright laws. For example, the mod app allows you to use premium features for free. If a user can access this mod app, he won’t pay for its original version. 

The original app owners can sue the app modifiers for copyright infringement. But you don’t have to worry about it if you are only going to use the app yourself. You won’t be held liable by law as long as you don’t start selling or distributing the mod app. 


How can I install the mod apps downloaded from Appmuck on my smartphone?

Most smartphones don’t allow apps from unknown sources (which means anywhere other than their company’s app store) to be installed because of security issues. So, if you want to install apps from Appmuck on your phone, you must change your phone’s settings.

How to install mod apps on your desktop?

The most common way to use apps on a desktop is through Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a piece of software that you can install on your computer. It emulates a phone on your computer, allowing you to use apps as you would on the phone. 

How to use mod apps safely?

After downloading the mod app on your smartphone, don’t install it immediately as it can be infected with viruses. First, scan the file with antivirus, and if it has viruses, don’t install it.


If you want mod versions of your favourite apps, then go to It is an up-and-coming website that provides free mod apps. It has much more mod apps than its peers. Although we don’t say it’s the best place to download mod apps, it’s better than most of its counterparts.

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