What hosting for eCommerce should you choose? A fully managed server, VPS, or shared hosting?

Hosting is necessary for a website to exist on the Internet. You can often meet the question: what hosting is the best? There is no answer to this. There are three main types of hosting and each is the best in some circumstances. So we have to clarify this question.

Different hosting is best for a blogger, different for an online store, and another for an enterprise. In this article, you will learn how to make the right choice that will suit your needs.

How hosting works

A website must function without failures, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For this, you need a server where you will locate the files of the website, and it will work online without breaks. You can have a VPS in USA, but a user shall have the possibility to visit the website from every corner of the world.

Hosting providers have such servers in their offer: a fully managed server or administered by clients. A server dedicated to one client or shared among many clients. Thanks to the division, one machine can serve plenty of customers.

What is a server?

A server is a computer with appropriate software that enables sharing of its resources. Theoretically, any computer can act as a server. All you need is a permanent Internet connection and the possibility of continuous operation of the device. However, in practice, servers have parameters that significantly exceed personal computers. Such devices:

  • have extensive cooling systems, allowing for continuous trouble-free operation;
  • use multi-core and multi-threaded processors as well as strong operating memories, allowing for the processing of many processes at the same time;
  • are connected to the Internet via high-speed optical fiber and use connection diversification to minimize the risk of network interruptions;
  • have an additional power supply to keep the server running in the event of a power failure.

They are placed in server rooms and data centers. They are rooms that enable failure-free operation of this type of equipment. They must have adequate humidity and temperature. Location is another critical aspect of your hosting, whether it’s shared or VPS. USA, Europe, India – it’s worth choosing a server where your users are.

Types of hosting

Let’s back to the topic.Providing an entire machine for a client comes at a high price. So it could be available to everyone, various types of it have been invented. We distinguish three types of hosting: shared, virtual private, and dedicated.

Shared Hosting

Such service consists in allocating resources to a specific number of clients. Thanks to this, one device can “serve” a dozen or even several hundred clients. By choosing shared hosting, you lease a specific disk space from the service provider counting with access to hardware resources that allow you to operate your website or mailbox.

Because many customers share one device, service providers must apply some limitations. They prevent excessive use of computer resources by one customer at the expense of others.

As part of the shared service, you do not have access to the configuration. It is a fully managed server, so you only get access to the panel that allows you to manage MySQL databases, FTP accounts, backup issues, or e-mail. Thanks to this, the operation of it is simple and convenient.


Virtual Private Server goes a step further. You don’t just throw clients on one machine, but create virtual machines. Figuratively speaking, the server is divided into several smaller ones.

Each virtual server has separate specific CPU or memory resources. You can count, for example, on 1 GB of RAM with a CPU core that will be dedicated exclusively to your project. It means that other customers will not be able to access the resources reserved for you – even at peak usage. Everyone only uses their part.

Most shared servers slow down at peak times. Some opt for servers on the other side of the world because they refer to farther distance than server overflow slowdown. The solution to such problems is VPS. United States or Europe – you can be close to your customers and your server will not slow down at peak times, because only you use it.

By using the VPS you have access to the operating system from the administrator level, so you have vast possibilities in terms of installing software, configuring settings, and security. You can compare a capable packet of VPS to a cheap managed dedicated server.

Dedicated server

You have a specific computer at your disposal, which works in the server room to handle only your project. A dedicated server is a solution for the most demanding customers who need total control over the device. It works well in projects that require extraordinarily high computing power.

Theoretically, to take advantage of the possibilities offered by a dedicated server, you ought to manage the operating system and its services on your own. But there are solutions as fully managed dedicated server hosting, that help you to manage this sophisticated machine.

Which hosting should I choose?

It depends on your needs. Some should choose the VPS United States and someone else a dedicated server in Germany. The types are so diverse to satisfy everyone, depending on your localization, clients, project, operating system, or CMS.

Shared hosting for beginners

It is a good option for beginner bloggers and websites with low traffic. If you are creating a website about your passions or some information page, this type of hosting is enough. It is vital that your readers desire to read your content and that you are not financially dependent on them.

Remember the downside of shared hosting: your resources are dumped in the same place as those of other customers. At peak times, the page may take longer to load. You also have to rely on standard security systems as you cannot implement your own.

VPS for eCommerce

If your website is the heart of your eCommerce business, you ought to reach for other solutions. You can search for a virtual server close to your customers, such as VPS USA, or hosting optimized for a given system, such as VPS Windows.

Even a small eCommerce store should run on VPS. Just because you have little traffic doesn’t mean that other customers that share your server also have so. During peak hours, your website may load and function slowly due to heavy load on other sites. To avoid this, you’d better choose a VPS server.

Let’s take the example of UltaHost: The cheapest good VPS in USA costs $5.50 per month. It is a small price, comparable to a shared hosting package (the price range is from $3.29 to $12.99). The cheapest VPS will be a much better solution for a small eCommerce business than a larger shared package.

When running a business on the Internet, you must have total control over your website. Only VPS will give you this.

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting for Enterprises

If, on the other hand, you run a sizable enterprise for which VPS is insufficient, you can take advantage of dedicated hosting. You can also find a plentiful variety of offers. Depending on your location, the required computing power, or your IT skills, you can find a good match.

Some packages are really cheap. Managed dedicated server in addition to powerful hosting, gives you access to a team of experienced IT specialists. They can deal with the configuration of your server and help solve any web hosting-related problem. And you could focus on your business, marketing, and sales.


So as you can see, there are plenty of options. You can create a page about the history of your small village that will be visited by 500 users a month, or you can set up a thriving online store. Even the biggest giants of the financial, investment or hotel industry will find dedicated solutions for themselves. It is important to discover your needs and look for offers that will fully satisfy them.