Rules For Watching A Game With The Guys

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: football season is here! But there’s one thing you need to know before you head over to your buddy’s house for game day: do not bring up the game after it ends. Most men feel that their team has already won, so no matter how close or far away from victory they were, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s understandable what you go through as a diehard fan—but if you want some tips on how to get along with your guy friends, read on!

Watch the pregame till the end!

Except for the most extreme circumstances, you should not leave a game before it’s over. You should never check your phone during a game or go to the bathroom during one. The worst thing you can do is start talking about how much you have to do or how many errands you have to run when there are only three minutes left in the fourth quarter. One classic way to watch your favorite match uninterrupted is through live stream sports providers. As live streaming experts like DIRECTV STREAM say, “Follow your teams at home or on the road with specialty conference networks and the national channels you need.”

Remember to mention how much they drank last game

For the sake of your own health, it’s best to avoid bringing up how much they drank the last time you watched a game with them. You’ll want to keep all humor related to alcohol and beer out of the conversation for at least 60 minutes before or after a game starts.

If you can manage this, you will be rewarded with an extra hour of sleep tonight and two extra hours on Friday night—and that’s just from skipping one round of beers!

Cover your body with a jersey, but don’t steal their favorite player

The most important rule is don’t wear a jersey of another team. It’s not just tacky; it’s insulting. So they will be deeply offended if you’re watching a game with the guys and show up wearing a Boston Bruins jersey. They’ll immediately assume that you’re an outsider and won’t bother to learn your name.

Although, this rule applies no matter how long you’ve known them or how close you are with them. If your best friend happens to be a hockey player and invites you over to watch the game with him and his buddies, don’t show up in any colors other than those of his team.

Always know what team you’re watching

Know the teams and their players, the stats, the rules, and the history and current standings.

Know your team’s rivalries with other teams in their division or conference and rivalries with other teams in their sport overall.

No crying over a spilled beer. Accept your fumble & move on

It’s important to keep things in perspective. Your team might lose, but it’s not the end of the world, so don’t let it get you down. It’s also important to be understanding of your friends’ passions and frustrations—after all, sports are a big part of their lives.

That’s all for now, enjoy these tips for watching the game with your friends. But, in the meantime, remember to keep calm and carry on!