Different Types of Lead Gen Content for Marketing

You may wonder what types of lead generation content are out there and how they can help you market your business. Lead generation is a broad term encompassing many different kinds of content.

For example, a series of emails that teaches people about a new product or service you offer is one kind of content. Another might be a blog post explaining the difference between two similar products in your industry. Lead gen content is a form of lead gen marketing targeted to achieve marketing goals. Although there are many ways to create lead generation content for any business, here are some common types of content for lead generation.

White Papers

A white paper is an excellent way to educate customers. It can be used to sell your product or service, but that’s not its primary purpose. A white paper should be written in a conversational style to build trust with your audience. White papers are typically used for B2B lead generation and offer solutions for specific problems.


E-books are a great way to showcase your expert knowledge on a topic. They’re also easy to create and can be used in several ways.

A good e-book should have the following:

  • A clear focus and strong premise. You need to tell your readers what they’ll get from reading the e-book, so they know whether or not it’s worth spending their time on it.
  • Lots of links from other articles, blog posts, and resources you’ve written related to the topic (this will help build up your authority as an expert).


Blogs are another basic form of lead gen marketing that establishes credibility in your industry. Blog posts can help spread knowledge about the product and services and why you’re the best choice for their needs. Also, they can help you create relationships with other bloggers and influencers who will share your content (and vice versa). Some examples are,

  • How-to articles: How do I get started? What’s the first step? These articles give readers a quick overview of how they can accomplish something specific effortlessly.
  • Lists: It contains listicle articles that deliver a few valid points in a listicle manner. This provides value by offering a concise breakdown of information that readers may find beneficial for decision-making or just wanting/needing more information on the topic.


Videos are the best way to engage your targeted audience and get them interested in your offer. Whether it’s an explainer video explaining a topic or product or just showing off your brand, videos are a boon to get clients to take action on your selling. They also serve as excellent content that people will share with their friends and family.


If you have not started using lead gen content as part of your marketing strategy, now is the time to do so. This content has been proven to help businesses generate more leads and sales. With so many different types of content creation available today, companies should use them! However, hiring a marketing agency specializing in lead generation content is recommended.